Friday, May 5, 2017

When facts on lrge materials flow with little molecules/objects.

When in the turns of moleculars acts on the total surface interface in contact than the action depends on the regions move the total center of gravity flows different.The center of gravity when consideration acts on the bidirectional force points generate on the materials tending to bias the movements of the materials. As being  thought that the molecules in the supports acts into play greatly here.let’s being experiments  on as follows.                                                                   

·         In the tectonics plates movements under the earth surface any defects causes the movements to follows by the unsteadyness.

·         Consider the flyover bridge contact point of column with metrological interface points can count in configurations.

·         Any slate/sleate movements in horizontal directions with close contractures can follow the rules.

My analysis is that :

·         Any big or large size of structures that can follows it’s own design and shape as which it is build. It’s shape and design’s only follows it’s directions of movements, whether it will be horizontal , vertical , tangentials. But when gets collide with others materials of like the same shape that creates force will acts on play .  The state of actions is consider.

·         When consider a big points (large object) to a very little points then the flow of energy or works different. if supports it tangential or vertical or horizontal.

·         If the energy recovery time of the conventional  energy ( likely  potential energy ) follows of the whole systems  likely  is not being  suited than the materials break points occurs and the energy breaks in the system.

·         On behalf of the energy converts from  P.E to K.E and than from K.E to P.E. Works happens likely speed  generates ,torques, momentum , temperature,pressure,light etc covers.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

World new technology for heavy equipments

There are new technolgy era for heavy technology for developnig infrastructure of ther country and inter continentail works of there works if the countries does suit a agreements to do.

    Here is the link for study:World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment Mega Machines Construction. greats escavations

  As because of weak in english pronunciation , get ready to study here. link....
                pronunciation here to understands

Thursday, March 9, 2017

what the new technology of police departments may be use

        On bangladeshi police departments sometimes need more resolutions on camera and forthcoming needs more expert design and analogy for sequence developments of the arenas. here the points they can choose for. high resolution camera system for identify criminals tracking.

  as because of weak in english pronunciation, take a look . link.....pronunciation english teaching

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

we know that dhaka wasa have two body

we know that dhaka wasa have two body. one is installation of line and other is service of supply of pure drinking the official duty will be like:

                           1. installation of pipe line department.
                           2. supply of pure water supply.

 other is swearage line installation and cleaning the jurk.

one way to detect the depth of line from the land  surface body to the point line pipe by ultra radio frequency detector. if the connector or union joint fixing no leackage  on the line. so any fault having on line easyily detected by radio frequency.

   next the mapping coordinate points to the line when first installation , capture camera picture whenever next time to digging there any. be easily service able to the line.

Friday, January 22, 2016

How to remove traffic jam in dhaka city and governmental works on land acquisation

 Dhaka is mostly populated and densed city in the world. The vehicle in the city is tremendously increases. So causes traffic jam. All the man wants how to remove traffic jam anyway. The nationwide problems kills worktime of people and development hampered by 50 to 60 percent of
work total worktime. So feel panic and disorder to the system of urban life. To make solution of the
problems there have some points to develops. the phases to developed by below:

 1. All the vehicles are classied by size and speed firstly.
 2. The typed vehicle must be synchronized with gps system.
 3. On the name plate of  each vehicle the embedded chips generates signals , so catch eye
     on the traffic simulation to gets out the number of vehicle on a certain time and on a certain
     place. so the traffic control system gets out  what and which type of vehicle is on the points.
 4. In the case of our neighbouring country INDIA take action against the traffic jam that
     odd number vehicle on the road one day and the other type orier.n the next the the bus
     will be the every day capture most of the people dat car.
5.  The size of the road will be make more wide. so more vehicle push in.


 IN DHAKA like around west like Berry budh, rup nagor, kalapani, any khal and doba and community center and others place of dhaka surrounded portion the awareness of city corporation is not facing there territory. but people of bangladeshee thinks that it is land and property of city corpoarional territory interrity. The acquisition of land and territorial integrity must be developed by high commands of governments not the M.P or others delegators there.Because the only the prime minister can not do any unfairmeans of that portion of acquising the land ( only because she is most resposibile person of the state).

    Now the people of Bangladesh is suffer of time has come to solve it anyway the P.M
can do.
   If we through by google maps and points locationing and city corporation do interface with
land map . The new born land  of sea, char, and unauthorized land  where the proprietor is not cleared by all of us.Than and there the P.M(Prime minister) meet the city corporation for active partipication do solved by area land. If any man or musale man or local perwerful person do not interfair with that consult as have best for the sake of people of bangladesh.

In the next step will be for চাদাঁবাজি in the bus stands. mainly in gubtoli, mohakhali, saiyadabad
 bus stands there. will be hopeful for good road and communication

Sunday, September 6, 2015


  There is rapid growth of populations to the world but the cultivated land is decreasing . Also the polution rate of the soil is going on high. so the yield of the arable land decreases more.the overall  impact of crops growth is decreasing. so the developng country of the world take measures for  the facts an factor of arable land  production. How  to make a system for much production of crops and foods of the world in a sustainable conditions. the awareness must be there when the situation comes worsed. we have shown graphs of some of these.

soil ph level

      my developed web site:-



The policy maker and the tecnocrates make a dicision for change the situation they have now for save the world.  

NOTE:- on behalf of the soil pollution by the factors of polythene,industrial chemicals waste by garments industry and other inorganic substance the soil of bangladesh gets more and more affected for planting of agriculture. so the factors of fertality gets half of the 2/3 decade years gets very less yield of agriculture output.

  The chart of hu vs temp is:-

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why many countries of the world goes on poverty and poor

This is known and heavenly true that when there is any war in any country there have poverty arises. The crime and war both occurred begin. there have no good relations with governments. law and order situation goes down. there will is unrest and hollow situations feels all arrounds. It is known the facts that when America attacks Iraq then after some day later hit Lebanon. the economic situation fall down. the affected countries have no rules and situation is panics. on the contrary the situation of Pakistan is going worsen by the rebel and political agitations. on the same way the situation on  gaza is most turmoiled by land. The country of japan economy fall down for the natural disasterous  earth quakes. on the behalf the market of china policy goes up on they good in the situations.the whole world is facing of unemployment situation. because

     Now the question is how do come out from the situations now on.
  1.  take measures and accountabily from the industry level where to most output comes but    not now is the major fatigues of economy. 
  2.  the administration of local office on what the people works for there life dependencies  is not misguiding and mistrusting authority according the political exercise.
  3.  politics of ruling party influenced the office authority biased in tremendious ill of the country as well as the service of the institutions. 
  4.  law and order situation be good.
  5.  socio-economics condition and flows of economics will be needed on trusty basis.
  6.  place more  employment rate as decreased .
  7.  the pending mills and factory will works
  8.  man power will be implied more.
  9.  quality service of government works be trustfulness.
  10.  medical and transport service be more realistics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Structural study of japan that makes earth quakes remove from the country

  If we go by the way of new designing to make a rcc(reenforced concrete) in the portion of tectonic plate region where the fault occurs, there will be possibility of remove the fault gap.The concreate can be put by TBM mechanism.

 working principal:

       1) First to calculate the plate tectonic region from the fault points.

       2) The flactuation of fracture to calculate.

       3) The measuring movements and momentum of last and previous earth quakes in the places.

       4) The route managements on what way the TBM mechanism works.

        5) The measurements from the surface of earth to the bottom of the faults.

    below the links:-



Metro Rail Projects of  BANGLADESH

It is going on full swing to develop on  metro rail in Bangladesh. Whenever consider any structural there must submit design for it. What to be or not to be.The questions arises?

 1.) Is it possible on what  way, if we get balance of the vehicle load (which now possilly india runs by vehicle load 88 tons ).
 2.)  Now the questions about how much strength of the beam and column be is it by 50 to 100 times possible load carrier or more.
 3.)  All of the materials made by rod and rcc of stone.
 4.)  The partial deflection of the beam must be calculated.
 5.)  The wind force around the beam and column structure must be sustainable.
 6.)  The speed of the vehicle produces how much gravitational force to the partial frictional force generates. 

 Note:- 1) Now the world class engineer's are going to find out how the flows of winds or strom strikes    on the beam or cantilever or column . How do propagation of oscillates the total structure with the flow of strong winds. Firstly a little oscillation to bridge in a simple propagation.Than next more oscillation to the bridge with  the same direction of oscillation force hits. So the the propagation of  oscilation tremendously causes distructions.

              2) Earth's gravitational force ( G) how do reacts on bridges or vehicle on bridges ( if metro rail ,I say ) the sudden impact of strong winds flow or strom  generates angular velocity.Make it what happen ?


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How our countries soil gets poluted by polythene bags, garments chemical wastage and lithium ion/cadmiumS exposed batteries of mobile, laptop and others

Link Here

We the people of Bangladesh having a large density of population in the world having reducing the cultivated crops lands. because of housing , industries, parking vehicles and others. the soil  fertility factor is reducing dangerously by wastage of man-made household products likely polythene,chemicals and lithium batteries(exposed by wastage of people daily basis). so time has come to reconstruct the soil to resilient the original factors(soil) developing by processing or moving the waste from the soil polutions. yes someone focuses more on others but I move on lithium batteries.

Polythen bags hampers the soil fertility.

                                                                         Garments chemical waste

e-waste managements. 

We are the people of Bangladesh having 17 core people. Maximum people uses mobile approximately 10 to 12 core. For 85% mobile phone's battery life is to 6 to 10 month's.
So, average draw a map of faulty battery will 8 - 9 core. We can have make a plan for
statistics of how much cadmium (It's poisonous for soil/human life) is exposed to soil
and water can hamper and polluted water each and everyday growing. From experts it is
known that this very dangerous item can not be be praised  on water or  soil. This item
and it's activity stay 50 to 100 years.(likely radioactivity) . Only the way to get out of the
solution is that it is first stacks and store. Then take it to the industry for recycle. Let's see
a rough statistics for 10 years from 1990-1999.But we considered it 12 month's stay of
battery life rather than be it for 8 to 10 month's .statistics below given:
year    population     weight/mobile       tons
------     ---------       -----------------       -----------
1990     12core        100gm                  13228
1991     12core        100gm                  13228
1992     12core+      100gm                  13228
1993     12core+      100gm                  13228
1994     12core+      100gm                  13228
1995     14core        100gm                  14000
1996     14core        100gm                  14000
1997     14core        100gm                  14000
1998     14core        100gm                  14000
1999     14core        100gm                  14000
------------------------------------------------------  A  HUGH 136140 tons of exposed lithium in unmaged
                             total                    136140 tons

   a) The repair center of mobile phone have store and stack of batteries for 1 month period.
   b) The household user stock it by the community help.
   c) All the flow go to recycle plant.
        How do defining waste managements:-
1)  Defining to the waste managements orderly first pickup wastages is the first duty to all division of Bangladesh cadmiumS/lithium ion battery,plastics,glasses,metal,paper. So uses of different type of boxes to store waste for very premature stocks.
2) Next draw and pulled the boxes to the waste management vehicle for big stores.
3) Then the collection of the vehicle to the recycling plants(plants have a classified type of waste managements in industry process) for further process.

4)  Output of the waste will be sustainable development of the people.
5) In DHAKA CITY CORPORATION area most cases, the WASA supply line and service line lickage and some brocker of plumber of wasa doing missguiding to the civilians by taking a   richful money from the party.
in most cases, where the pump is a large distances from the consumers or and the service line is in difficult position that the wasa authority can not give the solution of the consumer's water supply system than the only submersiable pump will be permitted there for the consumer(where line difficulty occur's). In dhaka, the newly installed under world bank project , new pipe line is installed. but in the case of east side of pallabi, mirpur section -12 there is no mapping of installed new line the panic of the defficiency of pure water gets health problems and diseases there.
6) Finally for DHAKA METROPOLITAN CITY  needs three(3) recycling plants. one in Gabtoli,one in Abdullahpur and one in Sayadabad. So the city polution will be removed. Link here

Thursday, May 21, 2015



It's some screwing subduction zone creates on Nepal -Himalayien tectonics happening gets recter scale continusly but major will happen when the energy released. the next pictures say something of it


    In NEPAL there is 10km in depth of epicenter like surrounding katmondu is dangerous point allocation.It is base line in of Himalayes.

The type of what happened in nepal like this subductions occurs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

p-wave and s-wave

My idea and openion here:-

Here it is my prediction's on earth quake's and volcanic eruption on earth' can do read and understand what the real happening in the earth's mantle and core.

       1.) If we consider the earth's core to the pressure cooker when we boiled foods.what is like to be?
the force or enegey of vapor makes pressure on the upper part of the chimney .here the case like that .
pressure cooker idea
water boiling idea
2.) What is the fact's behind the truth is that the earth's core is the most hottest material's and temparute like 5000 to 7000 degree celcius.when this hot particles wants to flow under the mechanism of boiling condition they exists.they flow  ASTHENOSPHERE like conviction current the LITHOSPHERE moves sideway because a large energy flows there and make the earth creast breakdown.The enengy of hottest flow goes for tunning the earth's surface whether they get's any weak point they they orderly push the fetches back and make tremendous distuction to the earth's.

Add caption

3.) The earth's core needs quick balance of energy after the earth quake they produce by tectonics plate movement's or earth volcanic eruption's or the the points to the questions to like that how much day the volcano does not take play , as much they come by earth quakes or either by tsumai. why the hottest mantle makes the surfaces of earth thick to thinner.The quick radiacl particals way to out the most welcomed way.THE PASSAGES OF THE LAST 50 TO 100 YEARS OF BACK the volcanic eruption mouth closed by THAN THE EARTHQUAKES WHICH FROM TECTONICS PLATES DISODER OR SHIFTING OR THE TSUNAMI OCCURES.

4.)The solutions be like,In the turning points of cracks where from earths geo-sensor points gets repeted pulses from the bottom of eaths by catches information on eaths surface. the heavy engineering body can deep dig and push the concreates on tonage of concreate on different points accoring to the predicts body and defects founds.due to the sciesmics and geosensoroy devices finds the happens like the same body desgin for metrorail or larger constructional body. so masses of supply of concreates needed to push .
5.) Volcano as we all know is a vent or aperture conical in shape (most of the times) in the surface of the earth from where a large amount of magma and hot lava flows out. Volcanoes are mostly formed by the movement of the tectonic plates of the earth’s crust. Volcano can sometimes may also be compare to a chimney from where there is an emission of huge quantity of ash and gases. Volcanoes are classified into three types active volcano, dormant volcano and extinct volcano. Active volcanoes are the ones in which the activity has been noticed recently and is predicted to be noticed in the near future. Dormant volcanoes are the ones which have not showed any activity since a long time .Extinct volcanoes are said to show no activity in future. Volcanoes sometimes tend to a great destruction and destroy even some of the cities by its hot lava , the air crafts flying in the air can get crashed due to sudden explosion of ash in air to a great height but sometimes the after-effects are seemingly good as they revive the nutrients of the soil make it very fertile for further use.

 6.)  Richter established a magnitude 0 event to be an earthquake that would show a maximum, combined horizontal displacement of 1.0 µm (0.00004 in.) on a seismogram recorded with a Wood-Anderson torsion seismograph 100 km (62 mi.) from the earthquake epicenter. That fixed measure was chosen to avoid negative values for magnitude, given that the slightest earthquakes that could be recorded and located at the time were around magnitude 3.0. However, the Richter magnitude scale itself has no lower limit, and contemporary seismometers can register, record, and measure earthquakes with negative magnitudes.
M_\text{L} (local magnitude) was not designed to be applied to data with distances to the hypocenter of the earthquake greater than 600 km (373 mi.).[2] For national and local seismological observatories the standard magnitude scale is today still M_\text{L}. This scale saturates[clarification needed] at around M_\text{L} = 7,[4] because the high frequency waves recorded locally have wavelengths shorter than the rupture lengths[clarification needed] of large earthquakes.
Later, to express the size of earthquakes around the planet, Gutenberg and Richter developed a surface wave magnitude scale (M_\text{s}) and a body wave magnitude scale (M_\text{b}).[5] These are types of waves that are recorded at teleseismic distances. The two scales were adjusted such that they were consistent with the M_\text{L} scale. That adjustment succeeded better with the M_\text{s} scale than with the M_\text{b} scale. Each scale saturates when the earthquake is greater than magnitude 8.0, and, therefore, the moment magnitude scale (M_\text{w}) was invented.
The older magnitude-scales were superseded by methods for calculating the seismic moment, from which derived the moment magnitude scale. About the origins of the Richter magnitude scale, C.F. Richter said:

from earth surface to mentors depth     

from sea level to mentors depths

 Here how the rocks forms  and  transform there the cycle

Ring's of fire 



Add caption

Add caption


research on earth quakes


Friday, August 22, 2014

Safety For Aircraft Design against terrorist attacks

 Any aeroplane company to understand the facts that I developed will send me  message. 

  sometimes i creates an idea as:

    on behalf of the crashes  in the twin tower in u.s.a. i think there needs a design for save the people of airplane and pilot as well as against terrorist attacks.when any attemps made by the terrorist they no way take position in the arises a design by me:

1.)  A signal device designd for a particular shape of frequency level to communicate  on cockpits to ground level tower first by using VHF level. Two frequency uses here.

2.)  One frequency for route connection.        

3.) Another for the identification of pilot existence each time a repeated pulse supplyier to the ground station.

Device adjusted

4.)  Finger print simulation by scanning on the throttle for the recognised pilot with joystick level glasstype envelop mechanism design. at which any  change on pilot side can easily signaled on the tower and whole allience.

5.) If the capturing finger print(false pilot) does not match the device throttle than the plate automatically reports and back the distination point airport controlled by computer programming there.

As such an accidents happened on Malaysian airlines MH370 DATED 8TH MARCH 2014. I think that if materials design on the aircrafts body than if any disaster happed than the floating materials float on the sea. so finding the missing plane.

so the body of the plane there must be gps system which actively always on the satellite connectivity if the plane crashs. the device will acts by battery powered supply.

thanks sir.

  Now the time to sort problems about the fuel pass system in aircrafts. 

High-Wing Twin
A simplified system on a high-wing, twin-engine aircraft that combines gravity feed with an electric fuel pump is illustrated in Figure 14-18. Directly downstream of the selector valves are the fuel strainers and then an electric fuel pump for each engine. This pump draws fuel from the selected tank and sends it under pressure to the inlet side of the fuel injection metering unit. The metering unit for each engine provides the proper flow of fuel to the distribution manifold which feeds the injectors.




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